East West Trail 4WD Permit for travel up to 31 December 2023

East West Trail 4WD Permit for travel up to 31 December 2023
From AUD $20.00
  • Location: Montrose, Tasmania
  • Product code: EW4WD

Permit to drive a 4WD vehicle on the East West Trail in Wellington Park. 

Permit fees: $20/vehicle. Permits are issued for single days only - 4WD-based overnight camping in Wellington Park is not permitted.

Permit applications are PENDING until they are reviewed by the Wellington Park Management Trust prior to being CONFIRMED

Once confirmed, your payment details will be charged and the Trail gate key can be collected from Glenorchy City Council on presentation of the permit confirmation.

  • Failure to return keys on time may attract a $300 no-return fee, charged to the same payment details used for your permit fee.
  • Permits are for short-term access and are available in drier periods only. 
  • Access onto the East West Trail is limited to a total of 6 vehicles/day. This may be a single permit for 6 vehicles, 6 permits for 1 vehicle, or other combinations to a maximum of 6 vehicles/day.
  • Motion-sensor SMS trail cameras are used throughout Wellington Park to monitor trail use.

The Trail is one-way only, beginning on Montrose Rd, heading over the Wellington Range to Jeffreys Track, ending at Crabtree (total distance 20km). Steep and rocky challenges, deep bogs and soft sand make this a difficult drive, suitable for experienced 4WD users only.

Permits are issued pursuant to: Regulation 6, 10(3)(a), 10(7), 33(1), 34(1)(a)(b), 35(1)(2)(a), and 37-42 of the Wellington Park Regulations 2019, and are subject to the following conditions:

  1. The permit must be carried by the permit holder whilst in Wellington Park and produced when requested by an authorised officer. (An authorised officer means a police officer, a ranger, or a person appointed as an authorised officer under section 13 of the Wellington Park Act 1993).
  2. The vehicle must be fully registered and must display current registration plates in accordance with the Traffic Act 1925.
  3. The permit holder and other parties are to comply with the provisions of the Wellington Park Act 1993 and regulations thereunder. All restrictions must be observed. (This includes restrictions within Wellington Park relating to the use of fires; camping associated with four-wheel drive motor vehicles; the taking of dogs and other animals; the possession or use of firearms, hunting equipment or chainsaws and the damaging or removal of any relic, flora or other natural substances.)
  4. All rubbish and litter must be removed and disposed of properly at authorised waste disposal sites.
  5. The vehicle(s) in respect of which this permit has been issued, must keep to the road or vehicular tracks as well as the route specified in the permit.
  6. Where there are locked gates or barriers these must be locked closed after entry and exit.
  7. The key is issued on the strict condition that it is not transferable. It is not to be duplicated and must be returned to the place of issue by the specified date. An automatic 'no-return' fee applies if the key is not returned at the nominated time.
  8. Notwithstanding the provisions of the permit, the permit holder and other party members are to comply with any direction given by an authorised officer and with any prohibition or restriction contained in a sign or notice.
  9. The Permit is not valid on days where the forecast Fire Danger Rating is Extreme or Catastrophic.

Failure to comply with the conditions of the permit may result in prosecution and/or refusal to permit future access.

REPORT: Your comments on any aspect of the trip which may be of assistance to land managers, e.g. condition of vehicle tracks, general observations, improvements etc would be gladly received. Please send feedback to info@wellingtonpark.org.au or phone 03 6238 2176.


Persons entering Wellington Park pursuant to a permit do so entirely at their own risk. Liability is not accepted by the State of Tasmania, Wellington Park Management Trust, Glenorchy City Council or the Parks and Wildlife Service for any injury, loss or damage suffered by any such person, whether resulting from negligence or any other cause.